What is Localee?

At Localee, our mission is to bring the heart and soul of Omaha, Nebraska (and the surrounding areas), directly to your doorstep. We are passionate about supporting the talented local entrepreneurs and makers who infuse our community with creativity and craftsmanship. By providing a shared marketplace, Localee not only empowers these makers but also offers you the opportunity to discover and shop local goods directly from local makers, conveniently. Join us in our mission to create a stronger, more resilient local economy.

Our Community of Makers

Localees' online marketplace offers a convenient platform for both new and established artisans to sell their products, either as an extension of their existing sales channels or to quickly establish an online presence, especially for those who are just starting out.


La configuración regional trabaja para usted

Localee se creó como una forma de apoyar a los pequeños empresarios y creadores locales. La creación de un mercado compartido brinda beneficios a los fabricantes y crea una manera fácil y conveniente de comprar localmente.

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